Meservy Law, P.C.
Providing top-notch employment law
representation in San Diego, California
Meservy Law, P.C.
Providing top-notch employment law
representation in San Diego, California

Advocating and Fighting for You in Employment Law Matters

At Meservy Law, P.C., we focus on employment law matters of. We represent employees who have been wronged by their employers or fellow employees. You deserve a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination and an employer that compensates you fairly for your work.

Attorney London D. Meservy is passionate about protecting employees and getting them justice. London is here to ensure you listen to you, understand your situation, and make you aware of your options. London has been practicing for over 15 years and is dedicated to personally providing each of his clients the legal services they need.

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We represent clients in employment law matters that involve:

  • Sexual harassment: You do not have to tolerate lewd remarks, unwanted touching or advances, and other uncomfortable situations at work.
  • Discrimination: If you are being mistreated because of your disability, race, age, gender, or any other factor, let us fight for you.
  • Wrongful termination: Even though it is against the law, an employer may retaliate against you for reporting harassment, discrimination or any other unlawful behavior by firing you or demoting you. We are ready to represent those who face wrongful termination and other retaliatory actions.
  • Class-action lawsuits: In some situations, many employees are affected by an employer’s unlawful practices. If your employer is violating overtime regulations, not following labor code laws, failing to give you appropriate rest breaks or systematically discriminating against a group of employees, you may be able to file a class-action lawsuit against your employer.

We understand how sensitive and high-risk legal situations related to your work can be. In many cases, your job is on the line, and the potential loss of income and damage to your reputation can be disastrous. Meservy Law, P.C. takes these situations very seriously, and we will do whatever we can to ensure you get the justice you deserve for such unlawful actions.

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