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Meservy Law, P.C.
Providing top-notch employment law
representation in San Diego, California

Discrimination at Work Should Not be Handled Alone


Have you been a victim of discrimination based on your:

  • Disability?
  • Race or nationality?
  • Sexual orientation?
  • Religion?
  • Gender?
  • Age?

It’s a horrible experience to be discriminated against just because of who you are. You’ve suffered enough. Don’t let your employer get away with discriminating against you.

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at work regardless of your disability, gender, religion, sex, national origin, race, age, or sexual orientation. At Meservy Law, P.C., London Meservy, is ready to advocate for you as you seek justice in matters of discrimination, including disability, age, race, national origin, religion, and gender discrimination.

Unsure Of What To Do?

If you are facing discrimination of any kind, it is easy to feel helpless and stressed. The threat of retaliation or the loss of your job can be detrimental to your career, future and financial security. We are aware of that, and we want to address some common fears:

  • I am afraid I will get fired if I report my situation. Unfortunately, retaliation can happen in these sorts of situations. If you are afraid of this, get in touch with an attorney before you start this process. We can prepare you for what may come, and put safeguards in place to try and stop that from happening.
  • I am not sure if what is happening to me is considered discrimination. California has a broader definition and more protections for those facing discrimination than under federal law. No matter what, you should feel safe and respected at work. If you think you are being discriminated against, it is worth investigating your options.
  • There is no explicit way to prove what is happening to me. Verbal discrimination that happens in private can leave you feeling especially helpless about what to do. Regardless of the form of discrimination, it is important to document everything. Write down what is happening as soon as it happens, and save texts, notes and messages. Those materials will help us build your case.
  • I do not think I can afford an attorney. Especially if you lose your job, being able to afford an attorney to help you fight discrimination can be worrying. However, handling this situation on your own will not give you the best chance for justice. You need an experienced professional on your side to help you through. We typically handle these matters on a contingency basis which means that you pay your attorney’s out of any recovery you obtain through settlement, judgment, or arbitration award. If you do not obtain any recovery, you pay no attorneys’ fees.

Don’t Wait

If you are facing discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment, or are not being paid properly, do not face your situation alone. Get Meservy Law, P.C., on your side as soon as possible by calling 619-930-8066 or sending an email.

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